2019 In Review

As 2019 comes to a close we want to thank our clients as well as our hardworking team for an awesome year! We’re all excited for what 2020 has to bring, and we’re ready for the challenge. Reflecting on 2019, we’re so proud of what the entire HR NOLA team was able to accomplish!

Team Members

In 2019 we welcomed three amazing women to the HR NOLA family! Michelle, Damona, and Laekyn are all so important to the team and they’re off to a great start supporting our clients. Naturally, we know the hiring process inside and out, and we know just how important it is to get the right team members. We’re so glad to have each of them on board! 

This year, Jake renewed his credentials as a Senior Certified Professional with the Society for Human Resource Management.

We also had the pleasure of watching a family grow this year! Molly and Sam welcomed their baby boy, Whitt, in October and they are soaking up baby snuggles through the rest of Molly’s maternity leave. 

By The Numbers:

  • 1 new HR NOLA office in San Antonio, TX expected to launch in 2020!  

  • 1 NOLA SHRM Certification Director appointee – Congrats Damona!

  • 3 new states of growth for a client facilitated by our team.

  • 6 HR Professional placements.

  • 15 Culture and Compliance Audits completed for small businesses in New Orleans , saving our clients an exuberant amount of money in potential compliance risks! 

  • 40 small businesses aided this year in aligning their business strategies with their people strategies.

  • 2,170 HR NOLA client’s employees served from an HR capacity.

  • $15,000 in potential fines saved by Ashley through a FSLA Audit.

  • $101,296 in potential fines saved by an I9 audit Jake completed!


2019 was a big year for HR NOLA! We’re proud to announce our biggest accomplishments of the year. These have helped us grow as a business and as HR practitioners so that we’ll be even better suited to help our clients. Our 2019 Accomplishments include:

  • 2019 Goldman Sachs 10k SMB Graduate

  • 2019 City Business Reader Rankings Winner

  • 2019 Women 2 Women Conversations Tour Panelist

  • 2019 Urban League of LA Women in Construction Panelist

  • 2019 New Orleans Magazine Women of Influence

  • 2019 Certified Predictive Index Talent Optimizer

  • 2019 PI Preferred Partner

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