HR NOLA Is Now A Certified Partner With The Predictive Index

We’re excited to announce that HR NOLA is a certified partner with The Predictive Index (PI)! HR NOLA has always had a focus on building the best possible teams for our clients, and PI will help us achieve that goal by providing data and science-backed assessments. With the use of PI’s platform, we’ll be able to help New Orleans small businesses achieve their internal and business goals. 

What is PI?

PI is an award-winning talent optimization platform. In a nutshell, they help businesses align their growth strategies with their most valuable asset: their people. PI has been improving their science-based software and workshop curriculum for sixty years and has a proven success record. 

They offer software, assessments, and consulting services as they relate to the hiring and people-management strategy of businesses. We’re excited to be one of PI’s awesome partners that also includes Nissan, DocuSign, and Omni Hotels.

Why We’ve Partnered With PI

With PI’s software we’ll be able to continue our great hiring and management track record, and also improve it from the start by predicting candidate success!

We’ve partnered with PI to boost our client’s business performance by hiring the best possible employees. We know just how important it is for teams to work effectively together. Great teams are able to drive growth, achieve and improve upon their objectives, all while having strong morale and engagement. 

Amy says, “I look forward to working with our clients in the Greater New Orleans Area to diagnose the root cause of business challenges and ultimately boost employee engagement and performance!”

How Does Our Partnership Impact Your Business

Our partnership with PI helps our clients in two distinct ways: it ensures the best candidates are found for each position, and it helps us to uncover internal complications that are preventing our clients from achieving their goals. 

People Problems Have Been Hard To Fix, Until Now

Most companies create a business strategy and determine what business results they want to achieve—but they glaze over the critical “people work” that happens in between. You can’t wing it when it comes to team building and culture; you need to take a data-driven, strategic approach. And that’s where talent optimization comes in.

Using our partnership with PI, we will be able to add analytical data to our hiring process, backing our decisions with their programming. We’ll also be able to get to the core of the challenges our clients face even faster! This helps us to implement HR solutions and work with employees to increase their performance while improving their job experience. 

For more information, download this press release. 

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