How To Show Team Appreciation Without A Holiday Party

2020 has been a year of many challenges for individuals and businesses alike. With changes like working fully remote, shifts in business needs, and the increase in flexibility, teams have been working particularly hard this year. As 2020 begins to wind down, it’s important to remember that all employees need to feel appreciated! Although you may not be able to get together for a big holiday party, showing your employees that you care is always a great idea. Our Director of HR Operations, Jacob Dufour, and HR Consultant, Damona Barnes, share their tips for managers this holiday season. 

Take Time To Recognize Hard Work

This year (and every year!) it’s important to recognize the hard work of your employees. Managers should do this at any time throughout the year, but showing gratitude during the holiday season is always a good plan! Jacob says “recognizing your employees is essential to foster an engaging work environment and should be done often”. Make sure your team knows that they’re appreciated, and that their time and energy has been well spent. 

Managers can reach out to their employees throughout the year with simple actions. Taking time for one-on-one casual coffee meetings, ensuring clients know when a team member has benefitted them, and acknowledgement of a job well done in an email or social media post can go a long way.

(Virtually) Free Ways To Recognize Your Employees

This year might have been more financially difficult for some businesses. If a holiday bonus is off the table for your employees, there are other ways to show your appreciation without a check. Both Jacob and Damona agree that giving your employees more time off is a great way to show appreciation! Damona says “the gift of time is one that many employees would enjoy at this time. Getting an extra day off to spend with loved ones is especially important this year.”

Also, make sure to specifically tell your employees that you value their hard work! “Simple shout outs to employees who crushed their goals or went above and beyond for a customer or client are an effective and meaningful way to show that you notice their hard work and appreciate their efforts” says Jacob. 

Ideas For A COVID-Safe Holiday Party

This year having a huge holiday party with the entire company isn’t going to happen. And while we all know it’s better to be safe than sorry, it may feel like a let-down for your team. However, just because you can’t get together, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate a year of hard work! These are some great ways to celebrate with your team virtually this year. 

  • Celebrate by business unit – Help to break down hierarchical barriers like a regular holiday party by hosting a call by business unit rather than immediate team members. Jacob says this will help to increase cohesion inside individual departments and divisions. 

  • Opt for small zoom parties – A video conference with more than ten to fifteen people can feel overwhelming and may be more of a chore than a celebration. Opt for virtual parties or cocktail hours with smaller groups instead! Damona says this can help to show that managers are a true part of the team.

  • Make sure to have a game planned – we’re all feeling the zoom fatigue by now! Make sure your holiday call feels like a party and not a work obligation by incorporating a game. This works especially well for larger groups! We recommend trivia, and games like scattergories. These add a fun competition that makes the call more engaging and less stressful. 

A holiday party isn’t the only way to show your employees that you care. Making sure they’ve got the tools they need for the job, feel heard, and are respected in the workplace is critical! Want to learn more about how HR can benefit your business? Contact us today to set up a consultation to find out how HR can boost your business!

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