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Compliance updates April 2024

Special Announcement: Compliance Updates for Employers

As your trusted HR partners, we strive to keep you informed about critical updates that affect your workforce. We want to draw your attention to the recent implementation of new labor laws that have significant implications for your organization. These changes not only impact your employees and bottom line, but also pose additional administrative burdensRead More

7 Advantages of Outsourcing HR Functions

Most business owners love knowing the ins and outs of their entire business – but there isn’t always time to complete all aspects of running a business. HR is critical to running a business smoothly and keeping current with laws and regulations. Outsourcing functions like HR allow business owners and managers to work on projectsRead More

strategic human resource management

How Can Strategic Human Resources Management Help Achieve Business Goals?

What is strategic human resource management? Strategic human resource management is an approach to your people strategies that align your HR procedures with your overall business strategy. Strategic HR management includes proactive hiring, talent management, performance evaluation, employee engagement, and change management. Going beyond its traditional role as a support function, strategic HR positions thisRead More

team figures under a check mark

Unlocking the Power of The Predictive Index Assessment

In today’s highly competitive job market, finding the right talent for your organization is more critical than ever. HR NOLA is continually seeking innovative methods to assess candidates beyond the traditional resume and interview process. Our most effective, and often requested assessment tool, is the Predictive Index (PI) assessment.Read More

Department of Labor Updates – Employee or Independent Contractor?

The DOL is now attempting to address the misclassification of workers classified as Independent Contractors by adjusting the economic test to learn towards an employee status. What impact does this have on your organization? Why is remaining compliant important?

Read More