How We Use PI and Why It’s Important 

Every company creates their own business strategies, and outlines what success will mean for their business. To achieve their goals they will need to know their product or service inside and out, and they’ll need the right team to execute their business strategies! Assembling a high-performing team means understanding how the individuals work, and how they can work well together. This is where the Predictive Index comes in. 

 What Is PI?

Predictive Index, also known as PI, is award-winning talent optimization technology that aligns an organization’s business strategies with its people strategies for optimal business results. They offer software, assessments, and consulting services. 

With the results from their organizations’ PI behavioral and cognitive assessments, business owners can take a data-driven, strategic approach to strengthening their team and work culture. Here are the four major components: 

  1. Diagnose: PI uncovers the root of your business-related problems and analyzes your people data.

  2. Design: PI technology allows you to strategically design your organization, leadership, team dynamics and culture.

  3. Hire: Using the “people data” from the diagnosis, you build a workforce of top performers and high-performing teams.

  4. Inspire: Utilize the insights to measure your team performances and manage your workplace. 


HR NOLA is a certified partner of The Predictive Index (PI). As HR specialists, we know just how important it is for teams to effectively work together. Our partnership with PI ensures that we help our clients identify the best candidates for each role along with uncovering any internal complications preventing the organization from achieving their goals. 

This partnership can be hugely beneficial to our clients. Our Founder, Amy Bakay said “this will help us to diagnose the root cause of business challenges and ultimately boost employee engagement and performance!” Whether it’s assisting with selecting high-performing talent or helping build a productive team, PI helps us  to get the core of the challenges our clients face even faster. 

What’s the Best Way to Get Started With PI?

We spoke with one of HR Consultants, Ashley Sorellis and she said, “the best way to get started with the Predictive Index is to make an investment into the Hire and Inspire piece. This allows you to use the behavioral cognitive assessment to match your applicants to the job you’re hiring for.” This will help to ensure that you hire the best person suited for that position.  

“You also get management tips and tools that help you to be a better coach for that employee.” There are numerous benefits to coaching employees including improved performance, better use of resources and skills, adaptability to change and more motivated staff. When employees are coached effectively by their managers, it all boosts the employee experience and allows new hires to feel supported by their company.

Want to learn more about how we help our clients? Contact us today to set up a consultation to find out how HR can boost your business!

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