How Behavioral Assessments Can Get Your Business The Best Possible Staff.

Making the best possible hire for a company can be one of the best parts of HR! A great fit is not only able to do the job, but will be a great fit for a company in the long term, and will lead to a satisfied employee relationship and better results for the company. One of the ways we’re able to make the best possible choices for our clients is through the use of behavioral assessments. Our HR Consultant, Ashley Sorrells, explains everything you need to know about behavioral assessments and how we do them!

So What Is A Behavioral Assessment Anyway?

A behavioral assessment is a tool employers can utilize to get a better understanding of an employee’s natural behavior patterns. Behavior patterns can then be used to determine the persons drives, needs, and what motivates them. It’s a way to quickly and easily quantify how an employee works their best.

Behavioral assessments are helpful not just in the hiring process, but in the talent management process for any employee. It effectively helps you to get to know the ins and outs of someone’s behavior more easily. Ashley says “The most popular place in the employee lifecycle to use a behavioral assessment is in the recruiting process. However, there is growing popularity in using these assessments post-hire for things such as employee growth, development, and improved communication.

What Is The Difference Between A Behavioral Assessment And A Personality Test?

A personality test measures a person’s characteristics, and helps you find out if they are more likely an introvert or extrovert, and traits like integrity, and intuitiveness. While this can help you guess how someone would behave, a behavioral assessment quantifies an individual’s patterns, and patterns are more predictable than relying on a personality test.

How Does My Company Benefit From The Use Of Behavioral Assessments?

Behavioral assessments are helpful not just in the hiring process, although that is key! When hiring the right people for the job you get better results, and higher retention. Plus they can even lead to a cost saving for a business as they make for a more efficient hiring process, with reduced time to fill a position, and reduced need for filling the role again in a short period of time.

How Are Behavioral Assessments Run?

At HR NOLA, we utilize the Predictive Index (PI) to run behavioral assessments. The PI is a behavioral based assessment software system that has been developed to help make the best possible hiring decisions. It allows organizations to create an ideal profile for the type of person that would be successful in the position they are hiring for.

Ashley says, “using the system, we can then ask candidates to take the PI behavioral assessment and the system will give us an indicator of how successful that person might be in the role. The system will even go as far as to provide customized interview questions for the candidate based on their potential strong and weak areas.”

Outside of the hiring process, the PI can give insight into employee’s communication and work preferences that, when utilized, can lead to better working relationships and overall happier, more engaged, and more productive employees.

Behavioral assessments are a great way to get to grips with how your potential employees behave, and how current employees communicate. Contact us today to set up a consultation to explore how HR NOLA can boost your business. We love HR so you don’t have to!

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