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Unlocking the Power of The Predictive Index Assessment

In today’s highly competitive job market, finding the right talent for your organization is more critical than ever. HR NOLA is continually seeking innovative methods to assess candidates beyond the traditional resume and interview process. Our most effective, and often requested assessment tool, is the Predictive Index (PI) assessment.Read More

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Are You Effectively Assessing Candidates?

Are you eliminating candidates too quickly? The interview process is often overly focused on matching a candidate’s experience with the job description. While it’s important to ensure that candidates have the necessary qualifications and skills to perform the job, it’s equally crucial to assess their capabilities, work styles and potential. Read More

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Hiring Help Is Here!

HR NOLA’s Talent Management team has had a productive summer! We’ve filled multiple position vacancies in a variety of industries including executive-level, human resources, administrative, supervisory, and clinical! Our success rate is climbing, and we are excited to offer this additional support to the businesses we serve. Read More