Hiring Help Is Here!

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By: Belinda Dantin

It takes an average of 42 days to fill a job vacancy.

HR NOLA’s Talent Management team has had a productive summer! We’ve filled multiple position vacancies in a variety of industries including executive-level, human resources, administrative, supervisory, and clinical! Our success rate is climbing, and we are excited to offer this additional support to the businesses we serve. Whether you need to fill a leadership position or a staff-level team member, we have the solution that will fit your hiring needs.

HR NOLA Can Help

If your organization is looking for a more flexible and budget friendly approach to filling your positions, then our Project Based Recruiting Solutions might be right for you. We offer volume hiring or one-off placements; this solution allows businesses to augment and optimize their recruiting function within a chosen time frame. We will work with you to establish and facilitate the hiring process to fill your open positions promptly, using our own technology or yours.

Our Human Resources and Executive Placement Services focus on finding senior level professionals to align with the growth and success of your company. Using the science behind The Predictive Index, we can predict the technical, cultural, and behavioral fit ensuring you get the right talent, right now.

No matter what solution you choose, we ensure a seamless and efficient hiring process. By developing relationships with individuals in a spectrum of industries we can deliver a diverse talent pool of candidates that align with your company culture and ultimately contribute to the long-term success of your organization.

“HR NOLA is highly effective at identifying and attracting top talent to organizations, and their on-boarding process is efficient and thorough.” Brian Smith, Spirited Cocktails Corp, Former Chief Sales Officer”

We love HR so you don’t have to! Getting the right person for your important role is what we do best. Need help with your HR goals? Contact us today!

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