HR Audits

Review 400+ variables for federal regulations and best practices.

No matter where your organization is in its lifecycle, it’s important to know how Federal, State, and local laws and regulations change as your employee headcount increases. At HR NOLA, our expert consultants stay on top of constantly changing HR compliance regulations and best practices. Our extensive Culture and Compliance Audit evaluates over 400 different data points to assess how your business stacks up in each area of the HR Function.

Once your audit is completed, we present and lay out an action plan for your “HR Roadmap to Success”. The plan provides a compliance score in up to 50 categories across all HR functions and includes recommendations to bring those scores up to industry standards and best practices.

How Does an HR Audit Work?

Our culture and compliance audit is extensive and takes between four and six weeks to complete. This time breaks down into four different phases.

  1. Initial Assessment: First, we review your current business practices and workflows and how they align with your business priorities. This sets the direction for the rest of the audit.
  2. Data Gathering: Our data gathering phase is completed virtually or in person and typically takes 3-5 days. We will work with your team to collect information and practices relative to every area of the employee lifecycle. We will also review the practices and workflows of those involved in that lifecycle.
  3. Data Analysis: The next step is to perform an analysis of the information, practices and documents and evaluate the associated risks and opportunities for improvement in every area.
  4. Audit Report and Presentation: Finally, we present our findings and recommendations in an audit summary to leadership. This presentation walks you through your compliance risks and recommends strategies to address critical items as well as additional opportunities to meet industry best practices.

Business Functions Our HR Audit Will Assess


Assessing how your organization’s policies, procedures and practices align with laws, regulations, and best practices.

Talent Acquisition

Job postings, candidate experience, the interview process, employment screenings, and the offer stage.

Employee Relations

Practices centered around maintaining and optimizing the employee experience and relationship.

Total Rewards

The tools, such as compensation and benefits, that are used to attract, motivate and retain employees.

Risk Management

The identification and mitigation of potential threats to a business related to employment.

Workplace Safety

Policies, procedures, and training in place to ensure the safety and health of employees.

Organizational Culture

The underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization

HR Questions We Help You Answer

  • Are you paying your people correctly; FLSA exempt versus nonexempt, hourly vs salary, overtime and commissions accounted for?
  • Are your Form I9’s legitimate?
  • What’s in your handbook and what’s in your personnel files?
  • What’s your policy on Harassment – Do your employees know?
  • How often are your managers trained on lawful interviewing techniques?
  • How do your managers resolve workplace conflicts and performance challenges?
  • Are your job descriptions ADA and EEO compliant?
  • What does your Employee Onboarding process look like?
  • Are your employees eligible for benefits and are your total rewards competitive?
  • Are you handling leave of absence requests legally?
  • How do your employees really feel about your workplace environment?
  • Do your managers know how to legally terminate an employee?

How We Work


Need HR guidance but don’t know where to start? We’re here for you. We’ll start with a 30 minute exploratory session where we can discover where your team needs HR support.


Next, we assess your people and business needs and recommend a customized course of action that aligns with your goals and your budget.


With a solid understanding of your organization’s unique needs, we put our HR strategies into action. We will work directly with you to execute your plans and make your teams happier and more productive.

Happy teams make for profitable businesses.
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From HR Audits to workforce planning we ensure that your team is set up for success while protecting your business from costly fines and legal battles. Helping you stay compliant with federal and state regulations is what we do best.


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