HR Policy

Protect your business by being proactive.

At HR NOLA, we know that the best way to protect your business is by being proactive and following HR compliance and best practices. We ensure that our clients are supporting their employees with clear employee handbooks and process manuals. We also help ensure smooth transitions with changes in your workforce.

Employee Handbooks & Process Manuals

Your employee manual should be a reflection of your worksite and culture! HR NOLA uses a proprietary, multi-state, HR compliance model to maintain your employee handbook. We’ll create or update your handbook and policies to satisfy federal, state, and municipal compliance requirements.

A good employee handbook is crucial to your employee onboarding process and is something employees refer to throughout their employment. Ensuring your employees have access to high-quality handbooks and manuals makes for a smoother transition into a new workplace.

Restructuring and Workforce Planning

Major changes need expert planning. When restructuring your current workforce or making a large headcount increase, you need to ensure you’re doing so legally and ethically. We’re here to help you through the biggest changes in your workforce.

Ensuring that your changes are planned and communicated to your employees is crucial for a smooth transition. Working with the team at HR NOLA, you can trust that we will guide you and your team through these changes as smoothly as possible. Whether you are expanding your team or restructuring your organization, our team of HR Consultants will be by your side to guide you through you workforce changes.

Manager Skills Workshops

Many managers and supervisors have never been educated on their own HR responsibilities and the legal consequences of ignoring them. We work with your leadership team to ensure that your managers are properly trained and knowledgeable about their roles and responsibilities.

Our team of HR consultants will train your managers on critical management techniques and best practices, and reinforce the role that they play increating a respectful, productive and compliant culture. Our training workshops are customized to each organization’s unique goals and challenge to ensure that our training is as effective as possible to keep your teams engaged and supported.

How We Work


Need HR guidance but don’t know where to start? We’re here for you. We’ll start with a 30 minute exploratory session where we can discover where your team needs HR support.


Next, we assess your people and business needs and recommend a customized course of action that aligns with your goals and your budget.


With a solid understanding of your organization’s unique needs, we put our HR strategies into action. We will work directly with you to execute your plans and make your teams happier and more productive.

Happy teams make for profitable businesses.
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Our Team

HR NOLA provides small businesses with access to dedicated and valuable Human Resources solutions from experienced HR Consultants. From Hire to Retire, we manage and optimize your company’s HR functions, resulting in more successful, productive and compliant organizations. ​


One of the best ways to attract and retain top talent is by creating a company culture that is aligned with your values and business goals. Together we can build employee engagement, train your management, and establish a culture of respect.


From HR Audits to workforce planning we ensure that your team is set up for success while protecting your business from costly fines and legal battles. Helping you stay compliant with federal and state regulations is what we do best.


Your employees are your biggest asset. We help you find, hire, and inspire the best person for the job. Our sophisticated HR software and experienced recruitment experts assist you in building a team that can achieve your business goals.

HR NOLA brings together the best minds in HR to support your business. Our collaborative team provides impactful HR solutions that your employees need to grow and thrive.