HR NOLA can help you find the right talent for the job.

HR NOLA can strategically position you to find the right talent for your open positions through our successful recruiting processes, in depth and targeted compensation consulting and talent optimization services. We make it possible for you to make informed hiring decisions that will impact the productivity and growth of your business.

HR and Executive Position Placement

As your business landscape becomes increasingly complex, senior-level professionals are critical to your business’s growth. HR NOLA specializes in filling your HR and executive need with the highest-level candidates. We know the skills necessary for a candidate to be successful in a role and to analyze for cultural fit- ensuring you get the right talent, right now.

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Recruiting Solutions

HR NOLA offers Project Based Recruiting Solutions that allow for a flexible approach to recruiting and hiring. With this solution, businesses can augment and optimize their recruiting function within a chosen timeframe.

We offer an efficient, customized, tailored solution to fit your hiring needs and budget, whether it is volume hiring or a specific position we, have a solution for you.

Compensation Consulting

It is essential for organizations to have intentional pay practices to help make informed business decisions and attract, retain, and motivate employees.

HR NOLA’s Compensation Consultation will help you develop customized compensation solutions that align with your business strategy, increase your market competitiveness, and drive success in your organization.

Talent Calibration

With Talent Calibration we collectively partner with you and your management team to look at your entire talent pool to assess and align employee potential and the future needs of your organization.

This initiative will allow your organization to boost the careers of your top talent resulting in high engagement and ultimately an increase to your bottom line.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is essential in ensuring leadership continuity in key positions within your organization. During this process HR NOLA will assist leadership in identifying candidates for key roles and then guide the development of this top talent pool to step into their roles as effective leaders within the organization.

Effective succession planning increases the likelihood that an organization will have the strong leadership required to increase an organization’s long-term stability, sustainability, and growth.

HR Tech

With the latest in HR Technology, we are able to make the most informed decisions possible. Hiring for crucial roles can’t be done through an interview alone, we utilize science-backed technology to help facilitate the hiring process.

Our behavioral assessments and applicant tracking software are top-of-the-line. This helps to take bias out of the hiring process and ensures that we have all of the information we need to make strategic HR decisions.

How We Work


Need HR guidance but don’t know where to start? We’re here for you. We’ll start with a 30 minute exploratory session where we can discover where your team needs HR support.


Next, we assess your people and business needs and recommend a customized course of action that aligns with your goals and your budget.


With a solid understanding of your organization’s unique needs, we put our HR strategies into action. We will work directly with you to execute your plans and make your teams happier and more productive.

Happy teams make for profitable businesses.
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Let’s Talk HR


One of the best ways to attract and retain top talent is by creating a company culture that is aligned with your values and business goals. Together we can build employee engagement, train your management, and establish a culture of respect.


From HR Audits to workforce planning we ensure that your team is set up for success while protecting your business from costly fines and legal battles. Helping you stay compliant with federal and state regulations is what we do best.


Your employees are your biggest asset. We help you find, hire, and inspire the best person for the job. Our sophisticated HR software and experienced recruitment experts assist you in building a team that can achieve your business goals.

HR NOLA brings together the best minds in HR to support your business. Our collaborative team provides impactful HR solutions that your employees need to grow and thrive.