HR Spring Cleaning Checklist

As we jump into Spring there are always several questions looming in HR minds everywhere: 

  • Are we paying our people competitively?

  • Are we ready for performance evaluations?

  • Are our job descriptions up to date?

  • Are there any new laws that apply to our company?

  • Is our handbook up to date?

  • When is the last time we purged our files?

These questions seem small but can turn out to be very costly issues if not maintained. Compensation equity and transparency are critical to employee longevity. While money doesn’t motivate everyone the same way, most employees want to be equally compensated for their work efforts.

Performance reviews are vital for retention and now is not the time to have employees checking out. It hurts company production and now more than ever the applicant pool has dwindled and the competition among employers is fierce! Now is the best time to update job descriptions, so you can be prepared to achieve the goals needed for your organization and discuss what is needed for employees during their performance reviews. 

As your company scope changes, different employment laws apply to you. It is best practice to always make sure you are in compliance with each state & federal law that applies to your organization to avoid costly penalties such as wage and hour violations, I-9 eligibility form errors and ADA charges. 

Retention coupled with the ever-changing compliance landscape calls for handbook overhauls on a regular basis. The pandemic alone has proven this; with more employees working remotely there are a lot of nuisances to navigate.

Now is the perfect time to start your HR Spring Cleaning Checklist. This will help keep your organization on track and in compliance in the months ahead. Not sure where to start? HR NOLA will guide you! 

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