Human Resources are More Than Just Your People-People

As HR professionals, we know that the people are the core of every company. But, our jobs include so much more than just getting people into open positions! HR has become much more strategic in the last several years, making sure that the company is making the right choices for their employees, and for their bottom line.

Extending the Employee Life Cycle

The average Joe may just think of HR as the people who hire and fire within an organization. But, Joe may not know that our hiring process has improved dramatically in the last decade making recruitment much more strategic and helping to extend the employee life cycle! 

Recruitment can be a very time consuming process, but hiring software like The Predictive Index helps us make it much quicker and more efficient. Plus, it makes it easier to create and administer assessments in the hiring process. These assessments have made a big comeback in recent years because they help us to know if the candidate has the right skills or behaviors for the position. 

Now more than ever HR needs to be much more strategic in getting someone who is the right fit for an organization. HR Consultant Ashley Sorrells says “Companies are looking for applicants that believe in the organization’s mission and values and those who will fit in with the culture. Companies are finally taking to heart that hiring the right person for a role will help reduce turnover and the costs associated with that and increase employee engagement, morale, and productivity.”

HR That Fits The Businesses Needs

We know that people are the core of every business. This means that HR can have a big impact on the strategy of the company as a whole! When HR knows the goals of the company from the company leaders, they are better able to hire the right people. 

For example, if a company is focusing on costs, it’s best to hire dedicated employees that are less likely to turnover. This reduces the need for expensive recruitment and training. Or, for example, if a company is focusing on growth and innovation, HR will need to focus on finding people who are creative and figure out how to keep them engaged and motivated. When we work with companies for talent acquisition management, we ensure that their goals are met with the hires we make!

Culture is at the heart of any company

One key thing that many organizations understand is that the hiring process can be expensive. So, keeping awesome employees at your company is key for keeping recruitment costs down. More and more, the best talent that we see care deeply that their company has a good work environment and culture. 

Having a company culture that benefits all employees has a trickle down effect that improves productivity and lowers turnover. This means you get the best work out of your people without needing to recruit and train new employees on an ongoing basis. “When the culture supports highly engaged employees, you will get those employee’s best work,” says Ashley. Supporting a solid company culture is one of the best ways to propel your company forward. Every company’s needs are different, which is why we help businesses with HR projects like employee management, handbook creation, and leadership development!

Want to learn more about how HR can benefit your business? Contact us today to set up a consultation to find out how HR can boost your business!

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