National Bully Month: Can You Find the Workplace Bully?

Can You Find the Workplace Bully?

Bullies do not just exist on the playground or in your kid’s classroom.

As we wrap up October, it’s important to recognize that bullies do not just exist in the schoolyards and parks. It’s an unfortunate reality that, even as we mature into adulthood, bullying continues in our workplaces and communities. It’s not always easy to spot them, as their practices can sometimes be assumed as workplace camaraderie, basic jokes, or even in manager/employee relationships, but they are there and often tolerated.

Last month, our very own Amy Bakay (Principal of HR Nola) gave a blitz presentation to Disrupt HR on how to spot a workplace bully. As you’ll see in the very short five-minute video below, take a look at how unassuming but obvious these behaviors are. Amy does a great job pointing out the issues while being friendly and modest, which is common of a lot of workplace bullies.

Now, Amy is clearly in character here, but these instances that she’s pointed out happen every day in offices around the world. These behaviors often lead to discrimination and harassment claims – do you have policies and procedures in place to prevent workplace bullying in your office?

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