HR 2025: Prepare now for new practices

Whether through times of crisis, pandemics, technology, legislative changes or the ever-evolving workforce, what has always worked in the past may not be effective (or legal) any longer. For many, “digital HR” seemed years away, but now our workdays are filled with virtual recruiting, onboarding, performance management and even virtual offboarding, all while never leaving our couches.

HR leadership must set a new tone for the future; our playing field has drastically changed. Everyone is navigating some level of new territory here; this was not in the employee handbook! There isn’t a manual for what HR is managing today. However employees and Company leadership needs HR leaders that can display their humanity, create more diverse connections, provide guidance and operate with compassion and empathy. Understanding how your business works and what drives revenue is important, but so is putting your people first. You really cannot have one without the other.

Harvard Business Review spoke recently about developing a “Culture of Trust” and stated that, “We need trust to serve as our foundation in order to create teams comfortable grappling together with the unknown.” Do your employees trust you today? How will you continue that relationship and regain the trust of those you may have disengaged in 2020? Do you trust your employees who are working remotely? Do you trust the policies you have in place currently, and if not, what is getting in your way?

Getting ready for the next workforce is essential, as well as designing a modern benefits package, staying informed of compliance regulations and having more inclusive conversations is imperative for HR leaders of the future. Keeping abreast of these changes and constructing strategies to address them may make the difference between retaining your workforce or losing them to the competition. HR will need to move beyond just compliance, party planning and benefits, and lean on technology to become strategic in designing effective teams.

How do you feel about the future? How are you preparing? Where are we going? The future of HR is the result of what we do right now!

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