Sourcing and Retaining the Best Employees For Your Business

Sourcing & Retaining the Best Employees

Do you have a Human Resource Plan or process in place for your business? A solid HR process is vital for building and retaining a reliable team of employees. When you consider the myriad of responsibilities under the HR umbrella such as compliance requirements, hiring strategies, interviews, and employee retention, it can easily become a full-time job. Most business owners want the right person to full an open position quickly, but don’t have the time or resources to find or vet them. An outsourced HR service may be the perfect solution.

Listen and Learn:

  • Strategies to source potential employees

  • What are the tracking requirements for job candidates

  • How to make the employee onboarding process as efficient as possible

  • What is social recruiting and how to leverage it

  • Common hiring mistakes of small business owners

  • Essential tools to help small business owners keep good employees

  • Tips for improving employee satisfaction

  • How motivating millennials is different from workforces of the past

  • How to recognize when it is time to outsource your HR needs

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