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Compliance updates April 2024

Special Announcement: Compliance Updates for Employers

As your trusted HR partners, we strive to keep you informed about critical updates that affect your workforce. We want to draw your attention to the recent implementation of new labor laws that have significant implications for your organization. These changes not only impact your employees and bottom line, but also pose additional administrative burdensRead More

Permitless Concealed Carry

Louisiana Employers & Permitless Concealed Carry: What Employers Need to Know

After Louisiana’s recent enactment of permitless carry legislation, employers face the challenge of adjusting to a new landscape where individuals aged 18 and above can legally carry concealed handguns without a permit. Effective July 4, this law mandates that employers must grasp the intricacies of the legislation and devise careful strategies to maintain workplace securityRead More

How to Prepare for an Interview

A well structured resume gets you in the door but how you interview determines whether or not you’re offered the job. Discover how to prepare for an interview and what to expect before your next job opportunity!

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