Are You Effectively Assessing Candidates?

question marks for title image blog post Are you eliminating job candidates too quickly?

-By Belinda Dantin, SHRM-CP

Are you eliminating candidates too quickly? The interview process is often overly focused on matching a candidate’s experience with the job description. While it’s important to ensure that candidates have the necessary qualifications and skills to perform the job, it’s equally crucial to assess their capabilities, work styles and potential.

How To Find Out More From Your Candidates

Here are some quick tips to assist you in finding out more about a candidate beyond their resume.

  • Use behavioral, situational, and competency-based interview questions. This will help you to understand how candidates have handled specific situations in the past by having them examples. Start with phrases like, “Tell me about a time when…” or “Give me an example of…”. These types of questions will surface their true capabilities and experience.
  • It’s better for employers to stop trying to hire candidates to the workplace culture. Instead, they should add to the workplace culture by adjusting hiring practices to align with the candidate’s talents, competence and aspirations.
  • While the interview questions are an integral part of the candidate evaluation process, behavioral and cognitive assessments are equally important. HR NOLA uses The Predictive Index to set up job targets that assist in better predicting which candidates will succeed.

Why Are You Hiring?

The fundamental need, however, is for organizations to recognize what they are hiring for and why it matters. The right hiring practices examine not only cultural needs, value systems and technical competence but also factor in role-specific talent attributes and behaviors that account for high performance. Using a multi-faceted approach to assessing candidates will help ensure you don’t eliminate a future star too quickly!

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