Louisiana Employers & Permitless Concealed Carry: What Employers Need to Know

Permitless Concealed Carry

After Louisiana’s recent enactment of permitless carry legislation, employers face the challenge of adjusting to a new landscape where individuals aged 18 and above can legally carry concealed handguns without a permit. Effective July 4, this law mandates that employers must grasp the intricacies of the legislation and devise careful strategies to maintain workplace security while upholding legal compliance.

Here are some key considerations for Louisiana employers in the wake of the state’s new permitless carry bill:

Understanding Legal Obligations and Employee Rights

In Louisiana, employers need to understand the specifics of §292.1. This statute affirms that employees have the right to transport and store firearms in their privately owned vehicles on workplace premises if they are kept in a locked vehicle and, ideally, concealed from view or within a locked case or container. This regulation acknowledges employees’ rights while addressing employers’ concerns, creating a balanced solution that permits the presence of firearms on company property under controlled conditions.

Implementing Clear Workplace Policies

With the enactment of permitless carry, employers must develop or update their workplace policies regarding firearms. These policies should clearly communicate the conditions under which firearms are permitted on company property, especially emphasizing compliance with §292.1. Policies should address vehicle storage requirements and designate areas where firearms are prohibited, adhering to firearm- free zones as defined by RS 14:95.6, such as schools and the restrictions against carrying firearms in restaurants and bars serving alcohol as per RS 14:95.5.

Educating Employees on Firearm-Free Zones

Employers have a responsibility to inform their workforce about firearm-free zones, including the prohibition of firearms on any school campus, within one thousand feet of such campuses, and in school buses, as detailed in RS 14:95.6. This also extends to the illegality of possessing firearms on premises of alcoholic beverage outlets, with specific exceptions. Clear communication through training sessions, employee handbooks, and signage can help ensure compliance and prevent legal infractions.

Promoting a Culture of Safety

Beyond legal compliance, employers should foster a workplace culture of safety and respect. This includes providing resources for employees who carry firearms, such as information on safety courses and legal responsibilities. Employers may also consider hosting voluntary safety training sessions to promote responsible firearm ownership and. handling.

Staying Informed on Current Laws

Gun rights can and do differ nationally and even within your state. Louisiana residents should always contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS) for the latest concealed carry information, ensuring they are up-to-date with current laws and regulations.

The introduction of permit-less carry in Louisiana represents a significant change for employers. Employers can navigate this new terrain by understanding legal obligations, implementing clear policies, educating employees on firearm-free zones, promoting a culture of safety, and encouraging ongoing education on gun laws. It’s about striking a balance between respecting individual rights and ensuring the safety and well-being of all employees.

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