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Talent Management Consultant

Talent Management Consulting and Your Team | How To Meet Your People Goals

Employing the right people to move your business forward is your best bet for continuous business success. Talent management consulting services focus on finding, hiring, and retaining those people. This strategic HR function helps businesses optimize their workforce to achieve optimal performance, lower employee turnover, and help companies grow. Here’s everything you need to knowRead More

7 Advantages of Outsourcing HR Functions

Most business owners love knowing the ins and outs of their entire business – but there isn’t always time to complete all aspects of running a business. HR is critical to running a business smoothly and keeping current with laws and regulations. Outsourcing functions like HR allow business owners and managers to work on projectsRead More

Employee Training and Development

Risk Mitigation Through Employee Training and Development

Employee training and development is an ongoing process that all organizations must employ to be successful. Why? It protects your business from potential risks, engages your top talent, and helps to create a culture of ongoing improvement in all aspects of your business. Staff training and development isn’t just a task to check off yourRead More

strategic human resource management

How Can Strategic Human Resources Management Help Achieve Business Goals?

What is strategic human resource management? Strategic human resource management is an approach to your people strategies that align your HR procedures with your overall business strategy. Strategic HR management includes proactive hiring, talent management, performance evaluation, employee engagement, and change management. Going beyond its traditional role as a support function, strategic HR positions thisRead More

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Hiring Help Is Here!

HR NOLA’s Talent Management team has had a productive summer! We’ve filled multiple position vacancies in a variety of industries including executive-level, human resources, administrative, supervisory, and clinical! Our success rate is climbing, and we are excited to offer this additional support to the businesses we serve. Read More

AI graphic with wires coming out from AI

Future-Proofing HR: The AI Revolution Unveiled

Amidst technological advancements, HR professionals are embracing innovation via AI integration like ChatGPT. This AI model offers HR new possibilities in operations, communication, and employee services. However, challenges necessitate a careful strategy to maximize gains and mitigate risks. Read More

HR Spring Cleaning Checklist

A checklist for HR professionals to ensure compliance, organization, and tips for how to avoid costly issues that can arise without HR maintenance.

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