Three Tools To Optimize Your Team Performance

By: Jake Dufour and Lisa Blanchard

Have you ever heard “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”? Simple, yet true. It can be easy to assume that putting together any group of skilled individuals will automatically make a great team. There are so many pieces to consider when building out teams. Team performance consists of many different components. Hiring the right people for the right roles, inspiring employees to do their best work, designing teams strategically, and sustaining engagement are all important elements that require different levels of skill, strategy, and knowledge.

Use Science To Build Your Team

HR NOLA is a Certified Partner with The Predictive Index a powerful and scientific behavioral assessment tool to help create successful teams designed to reach their goals. The software measures behavioral and cognitive characteristics to help managers find the best fit for their teams.

From hiring the right people to building winning teams, use The Predictive Index with HR NOLA to level up your organization, empower your people, and build a positive and productive work environment.

Teach Managers The Skills They Need For Success

Using tools like The Predictive Index takes the guesswork out of building a strong team, but how do you manage a strong team? Unfortunately, many first-time supervisors are not given the proper tools to manage their teams in the most productive way. HR NOLA has designed training workshops that are specifically geared to give managers those tools. In our Supervisor’s Skills for Success workshop we explore the proven management techniques that produce more engaged, satisfied, and productive teams. These workshops cover essential skills such as having effective one on one meetings, setting SMART goals and giving and receiving performance feedback.

Create Strong Teams With Team Building

Another tool to optimize a team is to hold intentional team building activities. Team building improves communication, encourages creative thinking, enhances engagement, and promotes collaboration. The main purpose of holding team building activities is to improve the aspects of how a team works together in a shared space.

There are many great activities organizations can implement, but the Predictive Index workshop is a great tool to use for team building that will allow the team to gain an understanding of each team member, and allows you to compare relationship strengths, areas of caution, and relationship guidelines to enhance team performance and communication. This tool will also allow you to construct diverse teams that will help discover unique solutions and ideas on projects. Building diverse teams in your workplace can be very beneficial for an organization. It brings in a wealth of knowledge and different perspectives to help grow your business by fostering creativity and innovation amongst team members.

Let a Predictive Index Certified Partner of the HR NOLA team help optimize your teams! Contact us today for more information.

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