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Hiring Help Is Here!

HR NOLA’s Talent Management team has had a productive summer! We’ve filled multiple position vacancies in a variety of industries including executive-level, human resources, administrative, supervisory, and clinical! Our success rate is climbing, and we are excited to offer this additional support to the businesses we serve. Read More

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Future-Proofing HR: The AI Revolution Unveiled

Amidst technological advancements, HR professionals are embracing innovation via AI integration like ChatGPT. This AI model offers HR new possibilities in operations, communication, and employee services. However, challenges necessitate a careful strategy to maximize gains and mitigate risks. Read More

HR NOLA Named to Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces in Human Resources for The Second Consecutive Year

HR NOLA has been named to Inc. magazine’s annual Best Workplaces list for the second year in a row. Featured in the May/June 2023 issue, hitting newsstands on May 16, 2023, and prominently featured on The list is the result of a comprehensive measurement of American companies that have excelled in creating exceptional workplaces and company cultureRead More

How To Boost Your Training and Development in a Virtual Environment

Due to COVID-19, many organizations are searching for ways to engage their newly virtual employees while still maintaining or upgrading their skillsets. It’s always important to remember basic instructional design principles when developing learning content, but when you’re producing a virtual training event, the implementation phase requires additional time and effort to ensure a positive learning experience for both the instructor and the participants.

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What Is Equal Pay Day, And What Does It Mean For Your Business?

As HR specialists, we know that having a difference in pay for men and women is not only illegal according to the equal pay act, but it creates an environment that can hold back amazing contributions from female staff. So wear red today for Equal Pay Day, and virtually show your support!

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