2023 Updates To Recruiting and Retention

So far In 2023, recruitment, retention and developing employees continues to be a challenge for small and mid-sized businesses. Sourcing, screening, and providing opportunities for employee development add up to a significant expense.  

Did you know:  

  • The average interview process takes 23.4 days

  • The average employer spends 34 hours per year training employees, with small and mid-sized companies spending an average of $1,888 per employee on training and development. 

  • The average cost of employee turnover is 33% of the worker’s annual salary or $4,700 per employee. 

  • According to the Conference Board, job satisfaction is at its highest point in a decade, 60%! This means that fewer people are looking for new jobs. As indicated by statistics regarding employee satisfaction, employees who are satisfied with their jobs and their working conditions are significantly more productive. 

What can you do?

You can start by developing a strategic plan that focuses on these three areas of your workforce! HR NOLA can help you with our specialized Recruiting approach, Mediation services, and customized Workforce Development programs. 

The closer the alignment between HR and an organization’s overall business strategy, the better the company’s ability to anticipate and respond to customer needs and to maintain competitive advantage. Let’s get started today!

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